Companionlink, dejaoffice


Jan 2, 2012
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My new Nexus Prime is a very cool phone. However, I am having major headaches synching Outlook 2010 (running on my laptop not on Exchange) with DejaOffice using CompanionLink for Outlook. I only let it synch on the Nexus with Android Contacts (from DejaOffice Contacts). I don't use Android Calendar, or any of the Google data (contacts, calendar, etc.). I use WiFi sync since USB sync is not an option and I don't want to pay for their hosted wireless service.

Some (of several) problems are:

- S-L-O-W synching when I use all the options (Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Notes). It reads the Android info (contacts, calendar, tasks, notes) very slowly and the same when it reads Outlook stuff (contacts, calendar, etc.)
- I have yet to have a clean and errorless synch. Every time it's either "can't contact server", "invalid device ID", among others. I stop it and re-try and it does pick up where it left off (usually).
- Unpredictable synching between DejaOffice Contacts and Android Contacts. What I mean by this is that sometimes I will get the message that it is updating ANdroid Contacts, sometimes I don't and then later it starts.

Has anyone had any (all?) of these issues and do you know if this is "normal"?

As I mentioned in another post on a different issue, I am not going back to BB BUT their sync stuff worked really well.