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Nov 4, 2011
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Hello to all.. my contract is up next month so i have decided to say goodbye to my bionic and upgrade to a galaxy s3... i was playing with phone today and liked it.. smooth, lite, and has a nice screen... i read on yahoo the other that the galaxy will get jelly bean.. is this true? I look forward to talking galaxy with everyone... thanks
Great choice! Theoretically yes, it's true. We'll get it eventually for sure, just don't get your hopes up when. As I'm sure you learned with your Bionic, waiting for the next OS update is stressful and completely kills any chance of enjoyment with the current. Be grateful we're getting Jellybean, not upset we didn't get it first or whatever. :happy3:

I loved my Bionic. This is the only phone I think that'll truly help me get over it. Rezound was great and all, but man I loved my Bionic. If ONLY the S3 had a 2800-3300ish extended battery, it would be perfect. Unfortunately the extendeds out now are too little or way too big. Hopefully in time though...
I also was madly in love with my Bionic and I still feel bad for leaving it sitting in my room, not being used.
The S3 is the only device that could get me to leave her, bar none. It's an amazing device and is the only one that can do justice to me retiring my DROID BIONIC.
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