Combined Inbox (Exchange & Gmail)

I added a warning to the original post. I'm definitely not trying to cause problems for people, just trying to pass one something that is working for me.

I do believe that the issues are very inconsistent and happen to a small percentage of the overall Droid population but like you pointed out, they are serious, and if they happen to you it will suck.

Yes I agree, and thanks for reminding me about that feature of gmail. I had set that up months ago as a test, but was concerned about all of my work emails ending up on the google server. But I guess that whether it sits on the google server or my local providers server it is still sitting somewhere. While the nature of my work does have a certain amount of confidentiality, there is nothing "top secret" about it.

Now that I have moved to google voice and am relying on my phone more now for work, it does make sense. I hate the google email interface, but to be honest it is more likley a case of learning something new (as compared to outlook express). Certainly having my pop3 pushed through gmail has to be better than setting a sync interval for the pop3, as far as battery life goes.

Now to teach myself the calendar feature, and play with the rest of the sync settings to see just what I do and don't need syncing all the time..........

Thanks for the help,