Code Corrupt in Bootloader Droid X


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Aug 23, 2011
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Well i need some advice here. Once upon a time i had leaked Gingerbread and tried to restore a backup through clockwork and i guess that failed so I had to SBF. When I did that I decided to opt for OTA Gingerbread (didnt do my homework like a noob) and i realized i couldnt root. Since then I updated to the latest version (602). Tonight I decided I couldnt live without root and tried to SBF back to Froyo to begin the upgrade path. While doing this is RSD Lite it failed at 99% with an error in RSD of "Error sending RAM download for bootloader." I have tried to SBFing Froyo a couple times, OTA Gingerbread, and Froyo through the linux live CD. ALL of which leave me with the same problem, Code Corrupt. For now my battery is too low(i got a solid 5 or 6 flashes in though :) ) to flash anything else, but I have a friend with an X2 so I might see if our batteries will swap at work tomorrow. My question is what have I done wrong, what can I do to fix it? Its still under warranty so I could call upon Verizon however they might recognize me from the last time I tried to warranty it (when I boot looped it while I was at work a couple weeks back). Could always try a different store of course. Help! A fix tonight would be awesome however with the low battery problem I'm pretty much screwed.
Crisis Averted!

Turns out my phone died during the Linux Boot Disc version of the SBF now I can go to sleep and rest easy. Even though no one replied to my post this site has been an amazing resource for me and I appreciate all of your hard work. Nothing like seeing my phone spring to life with the grey M logo after this many hours of torture. Just exhilarating.

For those who find this post looking for help, what they say is true. If it goes to bootloader there is hope.

I stated above that my phone was dead. Well it was but I wasnt willing to give up so i started thinking of alternate solutions and I remembered reading about stripping the leads of a USB cable out and attaching red and black. Well from previous... projects >:D i know that usb provides data power and ground, and from other projects I know that a Molex cable from inside your desktop computer has 12v 5v and ground in them. The rest was a matter of double checking all of the colors and wiring it up. Being a tinkerer and a modded computer enthusiast I was able to find a case fan adapter (molex passthrough to 3pin fan) so i ripped it apart and stripped the wires down and used the molex male to plugin to an extra molex plug for a hard drive and put the leads onto the battery and put the battery into the phone and boom it was showtime.

Feel free to use this as a guide or something if any of you folk find it usefull.
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