CM11 Nightlies Now Available For The Galaxy S5!


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Oct 6, 2011
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That's right Cyanogen Mod 11 Nightlies are finally here for the Galaxy S5, at least for the Sprint variant. Still no unlocked bootloader for the Verizon variant, but the bounty continues to grow. We do have safestrap for the Galaxy S5 on Verizon but as many of you know you can't flash an AOSP rom with SafeStrap. That being said we can all be happy for the Sprint users who can now run one of the top roms on their device.

Of course you will have to have your Sprint Galaxy S5 bootloader unlocked with a custom recovery installed to flash the first ever nightly build of CM11. It should be expected that their will be quite a few bugs in this first build, but those should be hammered out as further builds are released. The CM Google+ page has announced they are working on builds for the other US Variants, but they have not announced any ETA's.

Via +CyanogenMod