Cyanogen Mod Releases Unified Build For Multiple Carrier Versions Of The Moto X


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Oct 6, 2011
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Anyone with the HTC One M8 is already familiar with unified builds of Cyanogen Mod 11. Now Cyanogen Mod has released unified builds for the Moto X. These builds will work on US GSM, International, Verizon,
Sprint, and US Cellular variants. This is a huge convenience because you will no longer need to know the codename for your variant of the Moto X. With a list of 5+ carrier variants it can be pretty easy to get confused and download and flash the wrong variant. While doing so wouldn't brick your phone, you wouldn't be able to use your device and you would have to go find the proper version and reflash which is just a major pain.

The new builds are labeled "ghost". Nightly builds for previous variants have been suspended so in order to flash Cyanogen Mod you will need to grab your Rom from the Ghost page. Head to the link below to grab this rom.

via CyanogenMod