Clean/Normalize phone #'s


Jul 16, 2010
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Hey all,

I sync my phone to Google and facebook. I gave up on sync'ing my contacts with Touchdown as it always seems to leave me an orphaned (null) linked profile.

Anyways, so right now the current way I maintain my contacts is that I add/modify in exchange, export and import to Google. I've matched every contact up (to those that I have) with their appropriate facebook contact.

The problem I'm having now is that some people on facebook do list their number and when it collides with contacts that already have a #, I have duplicate #'s. It's usually a simple formatting problem with the addition of a 1, or brackets, periods, etc. etc.

What have you all found to be the best way to cleanup/normalize your #'s to keep them in sync with one another? Is there even an easy way to do this? I'm willing to take the long and tedious route here, but was curious to as if anyone out there has tackled this and how so.

I do this in gmail on my pc, if you go to contacts you can select any of them and edit them accordingly, you can also select multiple contacts and merge them in any fashion you wish.
I've found this method to quickest and relatively painless compared to trying to do it from the phone. As soon as your contacts are update the information will be reflected on your phone because your contact info is stored and synced from the cloud.
Try the combination of "Contact Analyzer 2" and "Contacts clean up" from the Marketplace... one combines duplicate numbers on a contact (and searches for duplicate contacts)... and clean up reformats your phone numbers.

Pretty good.