Clavis Keyboard Brings PC Experience To Your Tablet


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Oct 6, 2011
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There are many reasons to use Android, but the biggest reason for me has always been the ability to have the most possible amount of control over my device. If I want to chose my own browser I do so, if i want to install a widget I do that too, if I want a different keyboard than the one that came stock with my phone I'm able to change that out as well. I can make my device just the way I want it.

Clavis Keyboard is one of the hundreds available for download on the Play Store. Clavis keyboard stands out by being the most like a standard PC keyboard. This is a keyboard that really takes advantage of all your tablet's real estate! Special keys include Shift, Ctrl, Alt. There are hotkey combos ie (Ctrl-C, Ctrl-X, ect). If you are looking to change up your keyboard experience this is a good one to try.

via XDA
I can't say that I get the need for Ctrl and Alt on a tablet keyboard. Also, while I haven't tried it, I would assume that you still have to highlight whatever you want to copy with the shortcuts, so why not long press for that option right on what you've selected since you've already touched that part of the screen to select it?

Maybe I missed something though.

On my Remix Ultra tablet with physical keyboard/trackpad, I totally get having at least Ctrl for those hotkeys.