Cheat 4G "tether"?


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Jun 3, 2011
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While falling asleep, an idea hit me. Not sure it will work but perhaps someone out there can test my idea. After reading about tether programs possibility being shut down, we need new ideas. Here is mine- 4G phones use a sim card similar to gsm phones. Thus, it can be put into another 4G phone and will work just fine. The 4G usb modems such as Verizon or Clear, use a sim, can you take it out of your phone and put it into a modem to work?

Just a thought...
It has been reported that if you take the LTE SIM out of a LTE phone and put it into a LTE modem, it will work and you will basically have unlimited data (assuming that you were grandfathered into unlimited data with Verizon) in your LTE modem.