I don't think it's the plug depth as I have tried it on a couple of cables with the same plug depth and some will work and some wont. Don't know why though. I do believe it is a cable issue though and not a adapter issue because I can get the same cable to work on two different adapter output amperage.

Trust me. It's the plug. Take one that doesn't work. After it's inserted, very slowly pull it out a bit. Notice the temporary connection.
I use a micro USB cable from my og droid to hook it up to my computer and it works.
What I did notice is that when I plug it in overnight that it never charges to 100% woke up this morning and it only shows 98& but says charged. I use circle battery widget btw.

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When I use my OG Droid charger, my phone will go to 100%. When I use the supplied charger, it will stop at 99% no matter how long I let it sit. Tried wiping battery stats but that didn't fix it.

Tempted to try the battery calibration methods I've used on previous Motorola droids which involved charging to full, removing the battery upon reboot, and waiting until the phone is booted to reinsert. It will then show as 60% full for about 10min before jumping to 100%. Then another reboot and clear of the battery stats.
I'm using a generic mini USB cable with a cheap mini to micro adapter and a Nook USB charging port it's working fine to charge my Nexus.
Tbolt wall and car charger works. I haven't tried hooking up to PC yet. I can't figure out how to get my iTunes music to my phone.

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So, is the general consenus that it's ok to use the OG Droid chargers (vehicle, wall etc). I really don't want to have to buy new ones!
I've yet to unwrap the GN charger. Been using my OG charger block with a six foot USB cable from Monoprice. I've had no problems charging either the standard or extended battery.

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My og Droid charger doesn't work.. but I'm using a diff wire from my old phone. My og droids wire is on my PC atm. Don't like tugging my gnex charger everywhere :(

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