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Jan 14, 2011
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Anyone else have a problem with the charging port? It seems mine does not latch anymore to the cord and when its charging my charger will unplug itself.

Being that the phone runs solely on all the power it can manage (HA!) it kinda sucks when its totally dead when i wake up.

Any fixes for this?
If its under warranty still restore it to stock or sbf it.. Then update it OTA then call verizon and they will replace the unit.

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I had that issue where it was plugged into the droid, then fell onto the floor. the little pins inside the phone part were bent and the cable wouldn't latch on anymore.

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I could either get a refurbished one or buy a new one. it wasn't really under my warranty

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Actually, if you really need to return it and you can't sbf due to whatever reason, just nand restore to blur, delete the hijack bootstrapper files, unroot, uninstall root apps, and unroot. They'll probably never know that it was rooted in the first place.