Change default app to respond to AVRCP?


Nov 23, 2009
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AVRCP is the profile that allows bluetooth headsets to pause, play, FF, etc. It basically allows you to control your music from your bluetooth headset without touching your phone. The problem is that if you have multiple players installed (Music, Pandora, Astroplayer, etc.) that all these programs seem to fight over control. If you are listening to Pandora and hit the play/pause button, it might pause Pandora or it may open up the music player and play whatever song you were listening to last. Extremely frustrating to say the least! Is there a way to control which app AVRCP controls?

And yes I searched before asking. :)
I would love to know this as well. Kind of a pain when listening to Pandora/Slacker in the car (Ford Focus w/ Sync) and having to reach to the phone mounted on the windshield instead of just using the buttons on the steering wheel. I've never got it to work with those apps. The only two for me is music and listen, but it is random which one it is talking to.
Is it really random, or is it the last app that you accessed? If the wrong app opens for me, it's usually because I've accessed it more recently than the one I want.
It seems random to me. For example I never use the Music app but occasionally instead of unpausing the app I'm using it'll open up the music app.
Same problem here. I am using mostly StreamItAll and that can't be controlled with AVRCP because it is only Play/Stop. Anyways I also use Pandora occasionally and if Pandora is not running it always hits the Music App. If Pandora is active it generally uses that. It is interesting because even if you kill Music from running, the AVRCP will turn it on. That never happened with my Moto Q. The main app was windows media and unless it was running AVRCP could not start it up. Somehow the Music app must always be running somehow.

I would just like an App to stop all AVRCP because I would rather do it manually anyways. Sometimes it doesn't work right anyways and I don't want it blasting all of a sudden when I am somewhere I don't want it to.
Here you go
Let me google that for you
cause that took alot of work
Wow, thank you for your helpful response. Perhaps you should look at the results of your search before you act like you just cured cancer. None of them answer the question, it just links to people on other forums asking the same question. This forum has shown to generally have the most intelligent and helpful members, so I thought with the collective brain power we have here we could come up with a solution.
I will awaken this sleeping thread and wonder if anyone has seen a way to convince the droid to do what i want it to rather than play/pausing/starting random music apps when i press the play/pause button on my backbeat 906 headphones. it is rather annoying to have a second music player start when you actually wanted to pause the one that you were listening to...
Well, after a couple days of testing, that app does work, but not all the time... I'd say about 85% of the time... Just enough to be annoying. Plus, you have to start the app then push a button to get it working, which is annoying.
So, my (unsuccessful) search continues :(
I found a fix that works, go to settings->applications->manage applications and clear the defaults for all your music players or just use the clear defaults app that's in the market. Then press the headset button, and it will load an app in the background, this may not be the one you want but don't fret, just go to the app from the notification and there should be a box to choose default action for that button, make sure you check the always button and choose your favorite app!