CES 2017 kicks off


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Dec 23, 2009
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CES 2017 officially kicks off tomorrow (January 5) and you can bet we will be talking about it.

So far we have been seeing early reports of more chromebooks coming over the horizon, which is great for me being I am in the market for a chromebook. Given how far chromebooks have come and with Google adding the capability of using android apps, chromebooks are quickly replacing that tablet industry.

Another realm that looks like we are heading toward is augmented reality as tech sites have hinted that Apple may be going that route instead of virtual reality. With Google releasing yet another Tango phone it begs the question how deep Google intends to dive into augmented reality. I may just grab the new Tango phone instead of a Pixel just to see.

I look forward to seeing what devices and tech gets explored in the coming days and hope you will join us as we dive into it together.