Augmented Reality App Shows Off Amazing New Polaris Slingshot in 3D


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Dec 30, 2010
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Austin, TX

Sometimes two completely different technologies converge in a way that perfectly shows off the amazing capabilities of both. Today we have a great example of this which is also a perfect opportunity to share one of our new cousin-sites,!

Polaris (the famous makers of the RZR off-road vehicle:, just unleashed their newest amazing creation on the world. It's called the Slingshot, and it is basically a three wheeled super-beast designed to offer maximum fun ON the road. (It's technically classified as a motor-cycle, even though it has three wheels.)

The main reason we wanted to share this Off-Topic product here today is because Polaris created an amazing Augmented Reality App to show off their new Slingshot. This app is useable on the iPad, the iPhone and on Android devices as well. This creates an opportunity to see one of the best implementations of Augmented Reality we have been lucky enough to witness.

The video above shows off this amazing technology. Not only do we get a great example of Augmented Reality on a tablet device, we also get to see the best features of the Slingshot! We were so excited about this, we couldn't help but share it with you guys. [Editor's Note: the video was shot on an iPad Mini, but NickJ's video was so well done, and the experience is basically the same on either iOS or Android, so we decided to just use his.]

For anyone interested in the Slingshot and its Augmented Reality App, please check out NickJ's Augmented Reality article here: SlingshotForums News, and/or for further discussions on the Slingshot, here's the main landing page for

You can pick up the Polaris Slingshot Augmented Reality App on iTunes, or at the Google Play Store.
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Nov 6, 2009
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This augmented reality stuff is really trick! Certainly a good tool for companies that are coming out with a new product.