cell tower woes


Jan 10, 2010
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So where I live I basically have perfect coverage. full bars, full 3g every speed test I've run i'm usually close to 2mb/s and 1.5mbs up. basically the best you could ever hope for. Then last night at like 9-10 pm ish, my 3g icon disappears and internet sites stop working. I'm thinking ok, well maybe it's because of the ota updates perhaps they are working on something. Wake up this morning and still no 3g and now my voice signal bars are fluctuating wildly. 4 bars 2 bars 3 bars 1 bar 4 bars zero bars and x on service...etc

So I call tech support, go through the whole troublshooting, battery pull blah blah blah. factory reset.. no dice. so tech lady reserves me a replacement droid at the verizon store like 3 miles down the street from me. I keep my battery and sd card. swap phones, new phone gets turned on and programed and syncs to gmail and works great, full coverage again. Get home and BANG no service...wtf.

I call verizon tech right away and start going through different steps this time. confirming numbers and what not. frantically trying to do a *228 option when I manage to have any signal bars and then we notice that my parents blackberries are also having connectivity issues. Tech and I think it's a bad tower or something. say 1-10 business days to fix =( so i have a nice paperweight in the mean time.

I'm a sad droidite. just staring at my settings phone status page watching my status say in network, out of network, no service, in service, 1x, evdo a, nothing. signal strength -120, 88, 79 100 then back to -120 and no service. I'm not even moving. the phone is sitting in one spot and it's fluctuating pretty bad. tech thinks it only worked in the verizon store because they have a signal repeater or booster or whatever.

Sucks, I wonder what happend that literally after a month of solid super fast connection i get this happening to me. did my cell tower die? i hope it doesn't take 10 days to fix.

blah sorry long post, just frustrated. I love my phone and i can't do anything at all really except watch my signal bounce around.