Cell standby bug

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Jul 5, 2010
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Getting the cell standby bug in my battery usage. Fission also had this bug while squidly's doesn't so I'm wondering if there is a fix.

My time off charger is 2h 33m and my cell standby is 5h 3m (time w/o signal 50%).

I'll post pictures tonight after work.

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I posted this bug in the other bug thread but yes, my Cell Standby is always at the top of my battery drain. (according to the batery use in settings) It always says that my time on without a signal is twice as long as the phone has actually been unplugged or turned on. The "Time without a signal" is always 50% and never moved from that either. Not sure what does this or why it does this but I know its a bug on other roms and many other devices so maybe there's a fix floating around somewhere, I'll have to look around.
I did the thing where I turned on airplane mode for about a minute and then turned it off and out completely goes away until the next reboot.

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yeah i just noticed my battery really low today and I barely used my phone...the main culprits were cell stand by and phone idle....is this yet anohter bug where we have to wait months upon for a stupid update to fix this???
The cell standby bug is most often just a misreading. Shouldn't be having any effect on your battery.