Cdma/ gsm ???


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Aug 12, 2010
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With some of these battery problems has anyone tried switching from cdma auto over to cdma / gsm auto ? I had to do it on my BB Storm1 to help reserve some battery and I just read up on the fiancees ally that it needed to be done on that as well to help preserve the battery.
If you switched from one to the other, youd lose all service. Verizon is cdma only I believe.
Not real sure on the verizon thing,like I said I did it to my Fiancees ally as I read on the ally forum that it needed to be done because it was killing the battery on those for whatever reason, and I had to do it on my storm1 when I got that and I know it made a difference in that but that is because it was in "world" mode and was constantly looking for service if there was none.