D2G random reboot by CDMA and GSM, but working fine in airplane mode


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Mar 21, 2011
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Hi, Can anyone help me to explain why my D2G always random reboot when I using my GSM sim card or CDMA mode, but when I use airplane mode, it will not reboot at all for about 24 hours.
I had tried to flash all kinds of ROM and SBF, it doesn't work.
tks in advance.
Its something that almost if not all Moto phones experience. Most of the time custom roms atleast help with it which means its something to do with conflicts in software. I would suggest trying either Rubix Focused or Liberty 1.5 or 2.0 (both using the GRD ROMer, otherwise you get no service).
tks for reply.
But I had tried Liberty 2.0 with GRD romer v7, the system can not recognize the GSM sim card, if I tried to dial *#*#4636#*#* to set preferred network type to GSM only, the phone reboot!
Having the same problem. Phone reboots when I switch to GSM then reverts to CDMA, which is useless here in Thailand. Any ideas?

d2g w/ liberty 2.0.1
Got it!... sorta. I'm able to switch to GSM by first disabling WiFi. So both GSM and data work with my foreign SIM! Yay! :icon_ banana:(to set the local APN, I had to open settings using voice dialer: "Open APNs")

The only problem now is, the phone reboots and switches back to CDMA every time I turn on WiFi. And data is slow and $$ here in Thailand!