Ccontact Problems on Droid 2


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Dec 20, 2010
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I recently changed from the original Droid to the Droid 2 and love the increase in capability. However, I am being driven crazy by my contact lists getting merged, curdled, farbled, whatever...

I have been using e-address books since the original Palm Pilot days in the late 80s -- old fart warning here! I have over 3700 non-dupe addresses in my contact list and my "system of records" is my Microsoft Outlook contact list on my Windows 7 notebook. I get my business email via a hosted Microsoft Exchange server which loads to my notebook and also work fine on my Droid 2. The problem appears to be with my 2nd email account which is google mail that I use for my non-business email.

Entries appear to get linked without my trying to do so. I have turned off syncing contacts with GoogleMail but I continue to find contact 1's information or picture showing up with contact 2's information. It's very frustrating.

Any suggestions re: where to start?

thanks in advance,