Case with No Slide Out Keyboard Feature

I got so excited when I saw this thread had 33 pages. I thought "there will be plenty of options to choose from!" Turns out, after reading 33 pages, there still is no option other than that crappy aluminum case!
Argh...still no solution to this problem?
My Droid now slides apart just sitting in my pocket. And I've only slid the keyboard out maybe 5 times since I've had the phone.

How many times did you drop it? I use the keyboard pretty often and have no problem with it "locking" into place, or at least not sliding out on its own. My brother has dropped his phone several times and it doesn't seem to lock into place as well as mine.
Check out the new Seido armor cover, its pretty nice, plus it has an option to block the slide out keyboard
Check out the new Seido armor cover, its pretty nice, plus it has an option to block the slide out keyboard
Where do we check it out? A google search yields this thread.

Oh and did you happen to **** Gwen Turner on a gaming table?

Ahh the "rugged" not armor.
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Just don't see what no one has come out with a gel/rubber case that cancels the keyboard function. seems so simple yet so unattainable...
I am still looking too. Did anyone ever do a poll to see who uses the slide-out keyboard?
I'm looking for a good case that will fit over the whole phone, most of the ones i've found that are good quailty cover up some part of the phone and make some functions inoperable.

The only reason I want one is the fact the all the 2 piece cases i've had, the top piece breaks, because I got my droid when it first came out and the keyboard buttons are slightly raised. Unlike all the new ones where the keyboard is flat and flush.
I have a seidio case and have been looking for a case that keeps the phone from sliding open, just like tons of other people.

A moment of redneck genius just struck me...I took the case off, put some clear packing tape directly on the phone along both long edges, and it effectively locked the phone closed. Then I put the two pieces of the case back on, and voila, a phone with a case that doesn't slide open. It's kind of tricky getting the case back on without having the phone open, but it'll go. Also, be sure you don't have tape blocking the little tabs that secure the case to the phone.

Just thought I'd share! dancedroid