Case with No Slide Out Keyboard Feature


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Dec 18, 2009
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Has anybody seen any cases that are enclose the phone similar to the iFrogz cases for the iPhones? I don't use the slide out keyboard anyway. I did see the one reviewed here that is aluminum, but that case looks terrible to me and the latch looks like it has a terrible design. I was hoping for something much more slim/sleek.
I'd like to know also, please!! Even if it's a rubberized case I'd be interested!

Thanks all...
Good to know I'm not the only one that would like this case design if it was made!
i don't think they would ever manufacture a case like that. even tho it would be practical for the people who don't use the keyboard. it would be a waste cuz im sure theres more people who use the keyboard.
But there already is at least one case like this, the one I referenced which is shown on this site. I just don't like that one. I would like something a little slimmmer/sleeker than that one.
Yeah, would like one also, since I never use the hardware keyboard. Looking forward to hearing about the eBay one. I love the rubber/silicone cover I had for my Blackberry.
OK, I think I found out how the eBay one I just bought will mount on my Droid:

Motorola Droid A855 Silicone Skin Protective Cover - Dark Purple

It looks like it just fits around the back part of the slider (the keyboard part). It looks like the bottom part will fit OK because it wraps around the bottom, but the top part looks like it doesn't have much to grab on to (near the headphone jack).

Well, I'll have to wait till mine comes and see!!
Yeah that would be okay I guess, at least it protects the phone and keeps the battery cover in place without making the phone noticeably larger. Please let me know how it works out.
Anyone have any new info on this? I HATE the slide out keyboard and would love a better case to do away w/ that entirely... although I realize it may never happen that a decent one is produced.
Me too. I never use the slide out keyboard and wish a sleek case was made that prevented it from opening.
I ended up trying the single silicone case that just covers the back part of the droid and lets the keyboard still work.

It was $1.99 (and worth about that much too!!)

It's crap. Since it only holds on to the back of the droid, it easily falls off.

There HAS to be a single case out there somewhere!!

I think this topic is going to be more popular, IMO the physical keyboard on the Droid is more a hindrance then anything, mine still pops open at times even without using it and can see it loosening up more as time goes on.
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+ another one for a case that locks the keyboard in place. I'm pretty sure I will never use the keyboard.