carrie underwood?


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Nov 9, 2011
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So I noticed my default music player on my moto droid has placed all my music under one "unknown" artist. I now have over 400 songs listed under unknown most of which carrie underwood album art has been applied to, the rest have somehow taken photos from my gallery as album art. Even more, the titles of some songs have been changed to phone number from my contact list. I have rebooted my phon, tried a battery pull, nothing worked. Any ideas??????

Download this on your computer

It will let you edit the tags for your music. That should help. After you edit them I'd clear cache and data for the music player.

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Thank you, thats an idea I will explore. I would still like to figure out what couldve caused this though. It is very strange.
I had an issue like it with my OG. It's actually how I found the program.

Android reads a certain tag. Sometimes songs don't have this tag (forgot the name).

Just make sure after doing the tags ti clear the data in the music player. So it can re read the stuff.

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