Car Mode Won't Send Text Messages


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Oct 18, 2014
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Greetings from a new member....

I tried to use Car Mode on my S5 for the first time today. Everything works except for sending text messages that I initiate. Replying to text messages that I receive when in Car Mode works as it should, but not messages that I initiate. "Normal" text messages (outside of Car Mode) work fine and have worked fine since I got the phone over a year ago. Here is what happens when in Car Mode:

When I try to send a text message via Car Mode, Car Mode goes through the entire messaging process, including saying "Sending Message", but the recipient never gets the message. If I then manually go into Messages, the message is there, with the time stamp as if it was sent, but it never gets received by the recipient. However, if someone sends me a text when I am in Car Mode and I choose to Reply, Car Mode goes through the normal text message process, the message gets sent and the recipient receives it. I can go back and forth replying from either phone with no problem, I just can't initiate texts from my phone. Well, to be more precise, I can initiate the texts, and the phone says they were sent, but the recipient never gets them.

My wife also has an S5 with the same build version, etc. Her S5 works fine in Car Mode. They were bought at the same time and I have kept them current, so they should work the same way. I called Verizon who had no clue as to a solution, so they escalated the issue to Samsung, who also had no clue. They had me try it in Safe Mode, but it didn't help. I've done a cold boot, even removed the battery, but nothing helps. Samsung's final suggestion was to do a factory reset to see if that fixed the problem.

I would prefer not to go through all that a factory reset entails until I am sure that there is no other solution, especially since we don't even know if a factory reset will solve the issue.

Has anyone heard of this problem or have any suggestions regarding what else I can try besides a factory reset?



Jun 11, 2011
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Have you tried going into Settings, Applications, Manage Applications, All and clearing cache and clearing data for the Car Mode app? It works fine on mine and I am using Verizon's Message +.
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