Solved Can't send or receive pics in text message


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Jan 3, 2016
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I'm a straight talk customer I went from an LG Sunset to a Galaxy s5. Now the s5 I got gently used and it's unlocked but it was a Verizon phone and my straight talk is through AT&T. Everything else on the phone works great, I can make calls, use voicemail, text message etc but I can not send or receive pictures. If someone sends a pic via text message a box will come up saying "downloading"...than it wont download. Same happens when I send one to somebody.
I've tried several different APN settings with no luck. Is this all because it used to be a Verizon phone and is now running on AT&T's network? Any help is GREATLY appreciated! Thanks.
If you've verified that you have mobile data turned on, it very well could be. Straight Talk has a SIM card kit that has SIM cards that work for phones from each of the major carriers. (Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint). I'd advise getting one of those and setting the device up using the Verizon SIM. That will ensure that you're taking advantage of the proper network with this phone.

You will likely have to call them while in the process of doing this, so be sure you can borrow someone else's phone if you don't have a landline available.
Great advice from you once again! Thank you so much!

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SOLVED: Today all signal was lost. I went to the cell store at Wal-Mart and had to purchase the Verizon sim card, my old one was an att card. So now my Verizon s5 and my straight talk account is all Verizon. Everything works perfect now, all the little glitches are gone and pic sending and receiving is fast and reliable.