Car bluetooth controls don't work on Razr


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Nov 24, 2010
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My new Razr Maxx plays music fine on my car stereo over bluetooth. But I can't change songs from the hands free controls on the car. That function worked fine on my Droid Global. Both are Motorola phones so I would expect that things like bluetooth would be the same or similar. I have tried several music players to no avail. Any suggestion on how to get that the bluetooth external controls function working?
I have the same issue except I can skip songs. I can't control the volume. If someone can help with this issue it would be greatly appreciated.

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i don't know if this will help or not but when i first hooked up mine to the car stereo it wouldn't skip songs
i use poweramp for my music
to fix it i went into poweramp settings under misc then headset there is an option to raise the headset handler priority to high
i checked it off and it works fine for me

anyway i hope this helps
I'm wondering if there is a difference between the radios and perhaps types of bluetooth?. I rented a Corolla with bluetooth for a trip. My Razr synced with no problems and I had full control of my music through the car's controls (including steering wheel controls). I was hooked from this trip. My wife just bought a Kia Sportage with Bluetooth capability. She has the incredible and I have the Razr, but neither one actually works properly with the bluetooth. I've been unable to find a fix as of yet. If someone has the answer please let me know.
Return the Kia for a Corolla?

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Return the Kia for a Corolla?

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If only it was that simple. My wife loves her new car. I actually like it too except for the bluetooth issue. I was thinking about getting a new bluetooth radio for my car but now I'm a bit concerned. I'm guessing that there has to be a setting or something else simple to fix this issue!
Donheff, I was wondering if you have been able to figure this out yet? I still cannot get the change track buttons to work on my Razr or the wife's incredible over bluetooth. I can get it to change tracks if I hook up with the USB aux port on my Razr but not her Incredible.......