Can't see complete address (with full zip codes) for some contacts


Aug 1, 2010
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Silver Spring, MD
I like to store as much information as I can on my (Google) contacts, which includes their full address with zip codes, so that when I'm using snail mail, I have the address handy. On the Rezound, if the contact has a long street name or town, the full nine digit zip code is sometimes not shown. It is very cumbersome to see it. If I touch the address, I might see the full address momentarily while Google Maps tries to find the address. Sometimes it finds the address so quickly, I don't see the town, state or zip code. If I go to the edit mode, I can find the address after scrolling through a maze of other data. I tried turning the phone sideways, thinking I would see a longer data field for the address. It doesn't display in the horizontal mode. For now, I copied and pasted the full zip code into the first line on 'Notes". I could have just as easily copied and pasted the entire address under Notes.

Am I overlooking the obvious? Is there an easy way to see a contact's entire address? Is there an app for that?