Can't see all my pictures on my TV using DLNA


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Oct 29, 2012
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This is so frustrating. Here is my folder structure on a T-Mobile Galaxy S3 with the latest ICS update:


mnt/sdcard/ (pictures that all start with "capture_1349...")
mnt/sdcard/DCIM/.thumbnails (thumbs of all the pictures internal and external)
mnt/sdcard/DCIM/Camera (under 100k pictures)
mnt/sdcard/Pencilsketch (under 500k files edited with pencilsketch)

mnt/extSdCard/DCIM/Camera (my main pictures folder)
mnt/extSdCard/Music (all my music)
mnt/extSdCard/Videos (all my videos)

I have a Sharp Aquos TV and can see and play all the music and all the videos. But I can only see some of the pictures (maybe 40) and it seems to add or delete some randomly. It now is only seeing the capture pics, and pencilsketch pics on the internal memory I was thinking it was size or resolution related, but it was picking up a few of my most recent pictures which are full resolution from the sDCard and the ones in the DCIM/Camera folder on the internal memory.

Thinking the phone didn't scan the images to know what to share correctly, I unchecked sharing pictures, then checked it again. It scanned the phone saying it was organizing pictures for sharing. Now my TV doesn't see any of the pictures on my sDCard (still sees the videos and music). The only other issue is that there are about 800 pictures in the camera folder. Is there anything I can do about this? Can I manually tell it what to share? Or could it be a bug, or a problem with the TV?

Should I stop saving to DCIM and store one level up in a "Photos" or "Pictures" folder?

EDIT: Tried it on my Sharp Blu-Ray and I DO see the pictures. Except the Blu-Ray limits you to only 256 files or folder names in any folder. Give me a break. I wonder if that is related to the TV issue. I can see 55 pictures now, but that is all that are on the internal memory. I was seeing 10 or more from the external sDCard before I started trying to "improve" things.
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