Cant Open Attachments


Apr 9, 2010
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New Jersey
Hello Everyone,

Hope someone can help. From searching on the internet it seems like a lot of people have had this problem but I cannot find someone who has fixed it.

The problem I am having is I cannot open Word documents on my phone. I have tried to use Quickoffice, Docs2go & Openoffice Viewer, none of them will open the files. These all come from multiple senders and are saved in the correct format.

I have tried to uninstall K9 and reinstall.

I have tried to forward them to my Gmail.

I have tried to save them to my phone and open them from the SD Card.

I have tried changing the SSL settings

None of that works. I get the Error "the file cannot be opened" or "The file is damaged" depending on which program I use. These word files open fine on the computer but will not work when emailed to my phone.

I am using a POP3 account in k9 mail and I am not using any exchange servers.