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Jan 25, 2011
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Orange County, Ca.
On boot it just went to recovery mode everytime...tried to fix and now I can't get passed m logo...can someone help or is my phone done. No options in recovery mode help not factory reset either
Look in the Droid 2 Forum for a thread titled TBH Triple Threat. it will give you an SBF file, which is the file that motorola writes to the phone at the factory. It will also tell you about a program called RSD lite, which you will need to download, as well as the latest drivers for your phone, from motorola. With these it's fairly simple to restore your phone to a brand new out of the box state. After you do this, you'll lose all your data, and have to set the phone up as if it was brand new again. When you log in with your gmail account, google will sync your contacts and apps from before (most of them). After you set up the phone, you'll have to dial *228 and hit option 1 to reprogram your phone, and then you should be set.
Yes and I restored my stock rom after that it would go straight to recovery mode on boot

@niceguy my phone wont get passed m logo...I can still do it?I have motorola diver but computer doesn't pick up device
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Okay so let me start over k. I used liberty and other roms but went back to stock rom. On start up it would always take me to recovery...tried to fix and now stuck on M logo.plz help
have you tried booting back into recovery to wipe cache and data or to restore a backup? yank the battery, re-insert it while holding x on the keyboard, then when you get to the exclamation point press the search button. Also sometimes to install the flash driver in order to sbf you need to leave the phone plugged in to your usb while power cycling it.....
Yea I did all of that and no results....:/except the last part im gonna try it rite now...

No luck bro...
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Hey, sorry I just saw your reply, do you still need help?

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Turn off your phone. Hold the up arrow (toward the screen) on the keyboard while you hold the power button. Does the phone go into the bootloader? If so, then you can do the SBF.