cant download from market


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Feb 26, 2012
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had this problem and my carrier helped me by swiping my phone or reset completely and i lost my calander which i run my business from now same problem again i need help dont really want to reset and lose everything again is there another option manager... clear data. If that doesn't work clear market data.
no luck

sadly that didnt work thx for help any other ideas
What exactly happens when you try to download from the market. Does it give you some kind of message?

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gives an orange triangle at top and says starting download and if u do nothing it just continues and i hane to tap the x to stop process
Ok then go in settings and press battery and data manager then press data saver and uncheck data saver

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cool that worked thx so much do i need to turn the data saver back on or can i just leave it likeit is thx again
Your welcome and just leave it off.

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