cant decide should I lose unlimited for new phone, or just go full retail price phone


Apr 15, 2011
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So I was up for a new phone in january, but I still have unlimited data and am waiting to see whats coming out soon. I have a droid x2 and its a real piece of crap and I just want to get something else

Im thinking of getting the galaxy s4 next month. However that would mean losing my unlimited and going to a tiered plan.

Im kinda debating if keeping unlimited is really worth it if I have to shell out another 400-500 for retail pricing.
I use on average around 2gb a month, sometimes a little more sometimes less. But would go with 4gb plan to be safe as im sure usage will increase.

What do you guys think? seems spending hundreds extra kind of cancels out the unlimited data. I just cant decide what the best route is.
Perhaps start with the higher but be willing to go lower ?
I'm a low data user as well and once I have to switch I'm going to start with a lower and if I get near my cap, call Verizon and up it for the month . Between the 2 smart phones in my home the most we've ever used was about 3 GB but usually stay under 2 between us. I've got unlimited , the other has 2 GB and never uses more than 1

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Keep in mind the advent of WiFi in public and shopping locales. My almamater is completely covered by free (for students) WiFi, my local grocery supermarket has free WiFi, Barnes&Noble of course has free WiFi, every Panera Bread and Starbucks, usually offices have guest WiFi networks (it works for my dad's Blaze 4G at his employer so he has a 100MB plan with T-Mobile and doesn't use all of it -- but a co-worker where I work had her iPhone kicked off the WiFi network -- so apparently some employers are OK and some aren't with "guest" smartphones).

So I went with a 1GB plan for two phones, and we rarely go 500MB... Now at home, I routinely use 3GB+... I don't stream or download anything over the air, which I know isn't possible for everyone. But it's not like the WiFi isn't in the places you want to be. (Also, my girlfriend yells at me when I pull my phone out at lunch).

Long story short, I don't think it's the end of the world if you have to/make the decision to go to a limited plan.
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I had to give up my unlimited due to an upgrade but it sounds way worse then it really is. I only use about 2-2.5 GB per month and my wife uses under 1 GB so we went with the 4 shared. Haven't gone over in the 4 months I've had plan and even if I do another gig is only $10. My bill actually went down. I like the warm fuzzy feeling of unlimited but most do not need it.

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I went thru a similar decision back when cingular bought att and then att bought it back - what a mes!! When I crunched the numbers it made more sense for me to pay retail. Now I am in the same boat with Verizon. When the time comes I will do the number crunching again.

Minute plan (family)
Txt plan
Per Line Fees and Data Per Line Fee

Shared Everything
Data enough that I feel comfortable with monthly)
Per Line Fees

Bottom-line for me when I do the math... the new plan costs me more per month and its cheaper over the 2 yr span to just buy a phone retail. everyones numbers are different
Are your home wifi and "free" public wifi speeds faster than the 4g coverage in your area? If not, pay full retail and keep your unlimited.
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