Can't add custom apps to my CarHome anymore?


Feb 10, 2010
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I am using Rubix 1.9.7, and at first I was able to add any application as a shortcut to my default CarHome dock app. Now it is only giving me the option to add LauncherPro/Launcher/MyVerizon Mobile. Why did it all of a sudden cease to allow any app I wanted?
I am using Cyanogen, and can add any app I want...Long pressing space gives me choice of adding shortcut/car dock application /other application/contact/quick dial....etc...

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It used to let me do exactly that. Now under "other applications" it only has Launcher, LAuncherPro, and My Verizon Mobile.
Uninstalled MyVerizon Mobile, now I can add any shortcuts I want. Guess I know what I won't install ever again. :p
If you have launcher pro installed it will not let you add to the car home launcher uninstall launcher pro add your stuff and reinstall it. Otherwise you can switch to adw.
I decided to switch to ADW EX it's a much more compatible launcher with roms at this point in time.

This is occurring because it is using the gummyjar base similar to liberty.

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