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Dec 3, 2009
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I've seen this app referenced several times on this forum but I noticed there is not a dedicated thread.

I switched to CM6.0 recently and with it came the Froyo car dock. This dock is MUCH better than Eclair and previous car docks, but I noticed that there were unused buttons--very awkward. In my search to find out how to customize these, I stumbled upon a car dock replacement: Car Dock V2.

The app itself is free and can completely replace the car home just as ADW would replace the home screen. It allows you to add and customize 5 pages with an enlarged grid. Instead of a 4x4 grid on the normal home, you get a 2x3 grid which allows for much larger buttons--perfect for the car!

On this 2x3 grid, you can add applications, shortcuts or even widgets (though widgets need to be 1x1 in size. My favorite part is the ability to completely customize the visuals of the app; the background, button background, and button icons are all customizable. Here is an example of my customized home screen:


The truth is, you are probably going to want to customize your button graphics. They look terrible without high-res replacements as the Car Dock simply enlarges the icons. Because of this, they look heavily pixelated.

There are a few other features that are noteworthy. For instance, as seen in the screenshot above, I have added the title to the graphic itself. For this reason, I deselected the labels for the buttons. You can easily enable and disable labels from the menu. You can also prevent the screen from timing out, which when paired with the screensaver, is nice and convenient. Speaking of the screensaver, you can add nearly any widget that will display on a black background after about 30 seconds. Personally, I use the full Beautiful Widgets Home widget--a nice chunk of information when I'm not using navigation or anything.

It's pretty basic, but that's what you want while you're driving around. It is certainly more feature rich than the stock option. And for free, how can you go wrong?

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How did you get those icons. are those from CM 6.0? I Like the ways yours is set up but cant figure out how to do the find places or go home unless thats just a shortcut with a different icon? any help would be awesome.
Love this app and have been promoting it at every opportunity. It is just so much better to use and look at than the stock one.
How did you get those icons. are those from CM 6.0? I Like the ways yours is set up but cant figure out how to do the find places or go home unless thats just a shortcut with a different icon? any help would be awesome.
Yeah how do you create the custom icons?
Is it an idea that we can share our custom icons on this thread? I like the way you have turned off labels and then edited your icons to include the text. Very neat and nice looking.
How do you choose custom icons?
I read the help file, created the directory, and put PNGs in it but I must have missed a step; can't find the customization options.

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I think you have to rename the PNGs according to the help file. Too many steps; wish it just let you choose like Launcher Pro dock icons. I'm using Folder Organizer shortcuts for now; easy to set whatever icon you want.

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use folder organizer. you can create a shortcut to any app and give it a custom icon. then add that to your car dock home screen.
Also, I think it might take 2x2 widgets. I know car dock v2 takes 2x1 widgets.

here's another cool thing. I added the camera app to car dock v2, drilled a whole in my car dock and create a nifty dash cam.
[video=youtube;rm95a2Yq6x4]]YouTube - August 25, 2010 3:45 PM[/video]
[video=youtube;xTdtzGpz-Es]]YouTube - August 25, 2010 3:55 PM[/video]
Sweet, I will try this. I have been using Custom Car Home which is similar, but is otherwise sort of no frills feature-wise, and it DOESN'T override the home button. I see this one does. Will try today.
Oh and as for custom icons... scroll through the help file, it explains about the custom images. You have to create a specific directory on the SDCard and add appropriately named images there that the app will then pick up and use.

We should definitely share icon links. I'd like to customize mine, but I don't have the time or skills to create my own.

I will start by finding a nice background image for background.png
I will go ahead and upload my custom icons. And to the person who said using Folder Organizer to customize the icon: it would still be highly pixelated since the icon would be stretched.

I currently have my .PNG files at 256x256; as you can see they look great. I may also take a few requests for common apps that people may place on the home screen.
You mean if you use an icon that's 256x256 or more Folder Organizer resizes it?

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How about just adding a feature to change the icons instead of going through torture to get a different icon....Mmmmmm.