Can't activate phone after factory resetting?


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Nov 6, 2011
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Dropped my phone, had it replaced by asuron.. I was using the replacement just fine for a few days and then I couldn't send texts, and couldn't recieve any new ones, but kept getting spammed with my old ones (which no one was actually sending me) turned on and off, it continued, removed battery, it continued.. so I did a factory reset by holding power + X and following the prompts, etc. I start it up.. it tells me to click the droid to start and then says I need to activate, so I do, it goes through the whole activation process and says "Activation successful" but once I hit next it went back to the original screen telling me to activate (Again) I skipped it and tried to text, didn't work.. so I reset it again and did a manual activation using the following steps:

"Go to phone mode
dial ##PROGRAM (##7764726) hit Send (CALL BUTTON)
put in the SPC code which "000000" (six zero) press VERIFY
Next screen, Go to selection "01 User Activation"
Replace the MIN number with the MIN number that you get from VZW.
Replace the MDN number with your new VZW phone number that you get from PP.
Exit and your Phone will restart automatically."

Now I have 3g, but still can't send or recieve texts! Can anyone help me?