Cannot Flash Clockwork Mod Recovery

im with you guys on getting the an error occurred when trying to flash CWMR even with older versions too since 5pm yesterday(5/7).
Could be that you have the frequency / voltage for your chip. At what frequency are you running? I have mine set to govern at different frequencies depending on what I am doing, battery life, temp of CPU, etc. Try changing frequencies. If that does not work, I would get another kernel that works with your ROM and try that (assuming, of course, we can ever get clockwork Mod to work again)
Ok. Seems to be working now. If for some reason you still can't flash, I did download and install clockwork manually from here:

I was able to flash the latest recovery after doing this. Please let me know if you are still having problems with flashing recovery BEFORE manually installing the ROM manager.

try it again folks. got mine to flash CWMR at 11:34am today. :icon_ banana:dancedroid
mine still isn't working. i can't flash any recovery from CW or in recovery. i'm not sure what to do next.
I still can't flash either... the error states... "There was an error attempting to run privliged commands."
Any help or advive of wut I/ we can do?
To everyone who can't flash.... Go to main page of rom manager, click menu button and hit clear download cache. It will work after that, comonnpeople it's not that hard