Cannot boot into recovery after installing Indigo Glass theme HELPPPP....

Jul 6, 2010
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After this Indigo glass theme I installed It somehow broke my recovery. I cannot boot into recovery and when I flash clockwork on again, it never flashes correctly and still wont let me boot... So basically I cannot get my backed up rom installed at all, I really want to go back to the way things were before this indigo theme... What do I do!?
Sorry to post so soon, I get scared for my phone. I got recovery back on by uninstalling everything root, and re installing them, then opening rom manager after re-install and flashing again. It works now, (weird before it always said flashed clockworkmod succesfully even when it fails) Now to Re-install my old rom, the one without the indigo theme can I just re install it or do I need to wipe data and cashe first? If I need to wipe Will this delete all my apps again after installing the backed up rom with apps?
Old message you can read if you like, not the most important of my questions right now tho:

After installing the indigo-glass theme and Im kinda dissapointed. The new font makes some text in apps go off the screen and hard to read in some cases. I had alot of bugs after install, apps didnt show up in home screen, and multiple icons layered over eachother on my desktop.... After a while the apps showed up in the homescreen thankfully because I was gonna do a wipe but the layered icons stayed, just had to trash the extra ones. And Is it just me or is my phone running and loading things alot slower? It sure feels like it is.... Also Why is the new Black glass theme soo large (40mb) and the indigo theme is only 17 mb??

If I want to lose the new theme and go back to stock bb4 can I just load my last rom before I installed the theme? And should I wipe data and cache before I load the old rom? And If I load the old backed up Rom after Wiping will I have all my apps or will I have to use titanium backup to restore them?
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