can you search for an e-mail?


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May 25, 2010
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So I get hundreds of e-mails per day on my aol account and my private e-mail from work. Both are pushed to my Moto droid, but i cannot search by typing in a name or keyword like "bob" to find an e-mail sent to me from bob last week, buried by 1200 e-mails now. Certainly there is a way to do this or at least an app that will help? Would be nice if it would also search my calendar, but e-mail is most critical. So far I haven't missed my blackberry at all but this will suck if I can't search to find an e-mail!
Best I can think is to use the browser and search on the website. I know aol and gmail both have search options on their site. I am interested if there is a simpler way as well.