Can anyone solve the home media streaming issue for me?


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Nov 11, 2009
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I came from another phone and carrier that will remain iNameless. One thing I could do, however, was to stream from home easily - either Orb or Simplify Media would stream my music beautifully from home (don't care about video right now...). I have a large music collection and just want access to whatever I want to play wherever I am.

I've tried Orb via the browser and it works - sort of. It comes back with a single large MP3 with all of the songs munged together like an IceCast stream. That's a step in the right direction but I **really** want to be able to split up everything into a playlist and consume that so I can easily skip from track to track. The site loads and navigates pretty well and would be a great interim solution until something like a native Orb client or Simplify Media client are available.

I just need to be able to skip tracks if I want. I fully am aware that I could be missing something - I tried Meridian and the built-in media player. I tried all of the streaming settings from Orb - I just can't believe that there's not a decent media player on the Market that will play a .PLS and present it as a playlist but I haven't been able to get that to work yet.

I tried GMote and it worked OK (sometimes I could connect - sometimes I couldn't) - but Orb and Simplify Media transcode your music to fit better into your upstream bandwidth at home and so you can keep up on 3G on the phone.

Anyone got any tips? Love the phone (except for the camera issue - I'm getting a replacement tomorrow...) and this is my last use case to knock out before I'm 100% happy (assuming that the software updates in Dec and Jan fix some of the little things such as in Outlook, etc...).

Thanks in advance...

Well, I found Subsonic and that works pretty well except for a crash or two - they appear to be Android 2.0-related. Once that gets worked out it will be absolutely perfect...