Can a nook run the Kindle app?


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Aug 5, 2010
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Sounds a little like I'm a hieratic, but I was wondering.

I don't really want a tablet but,,,

A Nook's cheap, Froyo soon, and I already use Kindle on my D1.
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yes I am running the kindle app on my rooted nook color.
How's the experience? Is it a real tablet or a "Sears tablet"?
(You know a real tablet or a pale imitation of one.)

It seems like a lot of fun and if it's worth it, I think I'll give it a try.
It's a very well constructed and high quality tablet. However, there are no apps for it yet and I don't think that anyone knows when they will be available unless you root it. I have not rooted mine. I am using it primarily to read the Nook format books that I have bought from B&N and to surf the web, mainly to check the news and weather when I get awake and before deciding what to do for the day. I turn on my computer if I want to do any serious computer stuff and carry my Droid when I'm out of the house.

I don't know its capabilities when rooted, so someone who has a rooted one will need to answer that. The main thing for me is its excellent quality. Remember that it is not as fast a processor as a Galaxy or Xoom either.
Root it and put a nice rom on it and its a full fledged android tablet without the camera. I run cyanogenmod 7 on it, and its amazing.