Got a Nook HD for father's day, should I take it back for something else?


Nov 12, 2009
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My wife and kids gave me a Nook HD for father's day. I'm a little beyond the standard user as I like to customize and get the most out of my devices. However, I've been out of the loop lately as far as keeping up with the latest hardware, custom ROMs etc. I've rooted devices before but am currently using a non-rooted Razr Maxx HD. I've played with the Nook HD a little (but haven't gotten into customizing the home screens) if that's even possible. I've found that a few of the apps I use aren't even compatible with the device.

Should I look into another tablet? I really don't want to put too much $$ into upgrading to another device but maybe ~$50 would be doable. Just thought I'd check here for some info as to what I could do with customizing or tweaking the Nook HD? The Nook HD was a gift to replace an old Kindle with a broken screen. I will read on the device but if I can get more out of it I'd like to. I travel a lot and use a MBA for my laptop needs. I figure that a decent tablet might be an added bonus for games, facebook, simple browsing, email and other time killing activities. I'd like speed, a good display and good battery life if that's possible at a ~$200 price tag.

I appreciate any thoughts, feedback you can offer.
I thought the Nook HD had a recent update giving it access to the Google Play Store. The Nexus 7 isn't much more money. Rumor has it the new Nexus 7 to be announced next month. Return the Nook for gift card and buy outgoing nx7 on clearance?
I would trade it for a nexus 7, much better in every way, also runs jellybean 4.2.2, real customization options..

After getting a Nexus7 my Fire for relegated to non use except videos using my Prime membership
I'm not quite familiar with Nook limitations but I can say switching to the Nexus7 was night/day.
Imagine your phone with a 7" screen and quad core and you have the gist of the Nexus7. Where the Fire out shines the Nexus7 is battery life, 9+ hours of use vs about 6. Again I can't compare to the Nook in that regard.
If the wife won't be too upset over you switching devices I'd +1 on trade it for a Nexus7.

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Thanks for the responses. Since it appears the next Nexus 7 is coming next month I'm going to wait for that one.