Camera turning on at random and constantly taking pictures


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Aug 15, 2011
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Southern California
I updated to Android Ver 2.3.3 and now my camera turns on and starts taking pictures whenever it wants. I push the home button or return arrow to exit and then the camera turns on again. The phone is out of warranty but I am still under contract, so need to fix this. Any ideas would be helpful. Also, I am new to the forum and have no idea what Gingerbread or anything else on these threads mean.
That's not 2.3.5. It's still 2.3.3. The update updates the System version to 4.5.602 from 4.5.596, the Baseband to .13P from .12P, and the Kernel is updated as well.

Still, I'd try it. :)
Im having the same problem with my droid x. Just randomly started happening today. It just starts taking random photos one after another. Tried rebooting it and removing battery, neither seems to have resolved the issue. It seems to go into tantrums where it will take a series of pictures and then after pushing back button and canceling it for a while it decides to give up.. Not sure if this is a hardware or software issue. Is anyone else having this issue with Droid X w/ Android 2.3.3 (4.5.605.mb810)?? Please help!
I was afraid something got into the electronics and, since I am out of warranty, I bought a tool to open the droid (following a you tube video so I would do it in the right order). I took it apart and sprayed the connections with a precision electronics cleaner which basically cleans the electronics and dries (evaporates) up instantly. I put it back together and it worked with it only reproducing the problem one additional time.

I don't know if I fixed it or if it just fixed itself. But there were no system updates available since I had just done them prior to the camera problem. I currently have the same system version running as you do.

I would never have taken it apart myself if I had warranty time left on the device. I like to tinker, but not when it will cost me too much to replace something.

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Hi I had similar problems with my turbo 2! It took some embarrassing pics while at work. Best thing to do is get new phone without that motion activator for camera
Glad to see I was not the only one with this problem! I'm not techy so every time my phone flipped over camera would come on and take pics! It took some horrifying pics of me, I thought some perv had hacked my phone! Didn't notice the pics until I got a new phone and they showed up on Google photo