Camera Issue (Cant take picture)


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Jul 20, 2010
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Okay this may be simple but let me explain what happens;

I open the camera app, the problem happens in the single shot mode havnent really tired any other mode, Well i line up the shot and click the camera button to shoot and it zooms in slightly and the box turns green and it beeps twice ive tried lining up the shot better or moving to something different and nothing the only change is sometimes the green box is red but no shot, since ive gotten the phone i have been able to take a couple pictures but they seem more like flukes, if it help the shots i am take are of things like statues and buildings nothing thats moving.
When you push the camera button and it goes beep beep, then that means it is zoomed. Push down further and it will snap the shot for you. Try that and see if it helps. My camera doesn't even work. I get nothing but a black screen with a square. No images through my lens. I think they forgot to put the camera in it... lol!

After i push the camera button it will reset about 15 seconds after. It just locks the phone up. O also have dead spots on my touch screen. I got the bad phone in the bunch. Not just one issue, but tons of issues.
I wanted to add, I updated my phone with the 1.13.604 software ns that fixed my camera. I still have dead spots on the screen though. When I try to tap in certain spots, the screen is non responsive in those areas. Didn't mean to hijack thread.

Did you get your camera issue taken care of?

I am having terrible issues with the camera on this thing. I've read all the "to do" things and still it goes green, or sometimes red and beeps twice at me.
I don't know if you have taken pictures with it before or not, but, you should know when it turns green and beeps at you it is letting you know it has zoomed and is ready to take the picture.

Just push the camera button in a little further and you should hear it click.

The green means that everything is good, zoomed and steady,

The red means either to dark, shaking hands or other possible problems.

Ahhh, thanks. I tried it after reading the reply and got it. I put one of those shiny new covers on it, and I'm half temped to cut the buttons out. Thanks again.
My phone was like this too..i just pressed REALLY hard for a few minutes,and it has been fine ever since. I think some of these ship with really stiff buttons
i was having the exact same issue as the person who started this thread. thank God i read this because i was about to run back to verizon and tell them their phone is broken.

what i had to do was jam down the photo capture button repeatedly and finally it took a picture. ever since then, it works. however, every now and then it doesn't capture and i have to once again, jam down the photo button.
camera beeps twice but won't take pic

i was ready to return my phone because the camera feature was the main reason I got the Droid X ... but it wasnt working out for me. i would try to take a photo but it would just beep twice and not take the pic.

I THINK I solved this problem by turning off Face Detection. Since then, it has worked for me.

hope this helps someone else too.