Calling all Bionic-then switched to Nexus people.

Jan 18, 2011
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I am on the fence. I do like the bionic, and it is getting better. I do however have a dying part of my screen, that is honestly just driving me friggin' crazy! I called tech support and they said that since this would be my fourth bionic since the release, I should give another phone a shot. To take you back, I was sending phones back due to headphone jack issues, and one that just plain died. I haven't had too many issues with this one, but the screen starting to loose its color in one 1/4" diameter circle right smack dab in the middle is killing me. So, my questions.

A:how long did you own your bionic before trading.
B:reasons for trading?
C:main differences..good and bad?
D:battery life comparison?
E:screen comparison?
D: overall phone preference? are you happy you traded, or do you wish you could go back?

I know it is supposed to be the developer phone of the year, but one of the biggest things holding me back is the fact that I have over $150 bucks in accessories for this damn Bionic!!
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