Calendar on Android (Droid X)


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Jul 30, 2010
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I find it to be the worst application on my Droid X. Why can't they make it more like the Palm Pilot app circa. 1993?

o When I open it on the Droid, it has no clue about what today is. It opens somewhere, apparently randomly.

o I have to get a menu then click on today.

o Even then, in say agenda, there is no clue where *today* is. If you have an event, you might spot a "Today" in the header, but you have to look very hard for it.

o When in week view, why doesn't it scale automatically so you can see morning and afternoon appointments? I look at my calendar and see afternoon meetings, forgetting to look for the morning ones and I'd be sunk!

o When I go to New Event, why does the default date always be something very far removed from Today!? It seems like starting at today, like other calendars, rather than some time in 2010 for me, would be sensible.

The only thing good about it is it does sync with my Google account.

But the Palm Pilot presentation in 1993 was far far superior to this current app!!! Why?