Browser Died, Please Help!


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Apr 28, 2011
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So I have a rooted x10 with 2.1 OS. I did this just a few weeks ago. I've loved my phone's capability since I took control and updated. I like 2.1, except for the web browser didn't show the pages as well as 1.6 and was always zoomed out, didn't show pics right, and was just not as good. So I decided to try out a couple of different browsers and so I downloaded both Opera Mini and Dolphin HD. I was gonna try them both out to see which one a liked compared to stalk. That's when disaster struck. My phone started to force close everything as the normal browser wouldn't work anymore. I was finally able to pull up my settings and go to manage apps and delete the two. This kept most apps from force closing when I opened them. But still my web browser says "The application Browser has stopped unexpectedly," and will not open. To make matters worse, when I click on the Android Market, it not only force closes, but it restarts my whole phone. Please help! I LOVED my phone until this, but I'm not sure I can go through setting it all up again. That would be so bad. Please help! I'll return the favor.