Broken App Drawer


Nov 29, 2010
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I recently rooted my phone using Petes Motorola Root Tools v 1.06. I was trying to find a way to uninstall several of the useless Verizon applications. The first free file manager that seemed able to rename the .apk files under /system/app was Root Browser, I just changed and then changed back the amazon .apk.

I then wanted to try and test the verizon navigator before changing it's name, however when I press the App drawer icon at the bottom of the screen, it brings up recent applications similar to holding the home button. I can access all of the applications through a shortcut on the homescreen, but how can I fix the default button's behaviour? I have not noticed any other problems as of yet...

EDIT: I renamed the backup assistant .apk and .odex files, however I still get the question about using backup assistant every time I add a new contact. The app is not in the drawer.
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