Bricked HTC Droid Eris?


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Sep 2, 2010
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I am hoping that I haven't bricked my Eris. Here's what happened:

1) I paid for the Full version of ROM Manager this morning.
2) I ran ROM Manager and let it install the updated Clockwork Recovery.
3) I decided that this would be a good time to let Rom Manager do a backup, so I initiated the backup process.
4) The phone rebooted, but did not boot. I found myself at the HBOOT menu with just one item listed, FASTBOOT. Nothing I did would select FASTBOOT. (I tried all physical buttons, with a reboot between each). Note: The only way to get the phone to power off was to pull the Battery. I only did this when looking at the main HBOOT Menu, never during any of the steps below.
5) Below FASTBOOT was the text: <VOL DOWN> HBoot Mode. That was it. No other options. In desperation, I pressed the VOL DOWN button. This caused the device to load or so it seems. After Loading the file, the phone rebooted right back to the HBOOT menu, as in step 4. I have been thru this several times, but no luck, always back to the HBOOT where nothing but <VOL DOWN> works.
6) Somewhere along the way I thought to try powering on with the VOL UP and VOL DOWN buttons. VOL DOWN didn't do anything. VOL UP gave me the option to Clear the memory. At some point I tried that as well. This did not change anything.

So now I sit here, with a phone that won't boot, hoping for some help. I went to the Developer IRC channel on FreeNode and asked for help, but no one replied to my message. I have the SDK Tools installed on my computer, but they won't see the phone (not even Fastboot.exe). Any ideas or suggestions?

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Jan 23, 2010
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I've searched the web and am not having much luck here.
What version of android was/is your phone on?

Does this help?

How To Root Your HTC Eris

If so I'd reroot and go from there. I'd also recommend folks learn how to do things the manual way instead of relying on the 'easy' methods. Once you've got the manual methods down pat and know how to get your phone back to stock to start over in an emergency then feel free to play around with the "easier" methods.