Android Nexus 5x can get into Fastboot mode, but bootloops if I try to boot or go into Recovery


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Mar 31, 2013
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I was reading reddit on my phone when it went black. Holding Vol Down + Power, I was able to get it to reboot, but it boot looped twice, then went black again. Then I couldn't get it to boot at all.

I wedged the power button down for about 5 minutes, and it booted back into the Google screen before bootlooping again. Vol + Power got me into Fastboot mode, but that's all I've got. Trying to Boot or go into Recovery Mode from there just bootloops.

I've tried plugging my phone into my computer (Win7) while in the Fastboot menu, but it comes up as "Android" in device manager with no valid drivers. Trying to force the LG or Google ADB drivers doesn't work either. Without a connection, I can't run ADB or Fastboot from the pc to try and flash any images.

I'm at a loss. What else can I do?