Bricked Droid3 trying to SBF back to stock


May 11, 2010
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Buffalo NY
So I had Liberty rom 2.0 and hashcodes safestrap installed and I wanted to go back to stock so I was just gonna SBF back. However I uninstalled safestrap and when I flashed the sbf it keeps just doing a bootloop. Any help would be great because now my phone is bricked. I can still go into fastboot and I tried reflashing and I redownloaded the sbf and did it a third time with that. Same problem every time.
For starters, I would probably sbf back to the working sbf file and go from there.

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If you can get the phone working again, then just wait until a vzw over the air update comes out. It sounds like you have a bad sbf file.

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what do you mean working? The Sbf I downloaded I have used before and everything was fine. Plus who knows when vzw will put out a new update. I kind of would like my phone back.