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Dec 6, 2010
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So I've read around the site a little bit, using advice and tutorials, etc, to root my Droid 1. I have rooted it thanks to you guys, and I couldn't be happier! I'm going to check around the forums for theme advice and guides, and other related things.

I really don't know what to say besides I've been on other forums before, and I'm easy to get along with. I usually stay with forums for a while, unless the site goes down, or it just all turns into flame wars, which i can tell won't happen here. I also used to be fairly good with Photoshop, and i am looking into using it again, as I used to be quite addicted to it.

I'm a proud member so far, and I would like to ask if anyone can post as to where i should look on things i can do right after rooting my droid, besides installing custom themes, wallpapers, etc.

Such as kernels, custom ROMs, etc. i literally do not want to go into those yet, as I personally think i am too new of a root user to get into it.

Nice to meet you guys!
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Welcome to the forums. Glad you joined us. Im sure a few of the of droid users can point you in the rights direction for all that stuff. Enjoy your stay.

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Welcome to tthe community and glad you joined us. It gets addicting fast. Rooting opens up a whole new game for the android OS. I'm in the process of it now also. Good luck and enjoy